New Beginnings.

Here, in New York, Mother Nature has been pouring down all day washing out the remnants of March and making way for April. On the 22nd of March I celebrated turning 30 which is a significant milestone with cystic fibrosis. I have felt deeply connected to turning 30 since I was a young girl and I ninjaed my way through the past few years with extra determination. Today, on March 31st, I have reason to celebrate again. I am now on the active transplant list for a double lung transplant. I say that I celebrate because I am grateful to have this opportunity. I now rise towards a new beginning with determination and commitment to do the very best with whatever comes next. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy and I am ready for the new challenges ahead of me and reaffirm my commitment to live and to love and to fight as best I can. I will be documenting some of my new adventure here.


1 thought on “New Beginnings.”

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